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    ’Baaad’ Mood Sheep
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Aviaries Park

Level 18      2000      28800



Level 1 8

Size: 3 x 3

Bonus EXP: 7

Sell Price: 20

20 coins


7 XP


9 units²



 Your name (nick)
5. x 4 =   ?

      2014-09-07 19:43:02 mic

You cant advance the tasks unless you build it, so its not really a choice. But I wouldnt keep it afterwards, its a waste of space, you can make more money if you plant things there instead of that huge thing producing its pityful reward. Unless you like the look ofc. And its free to build, what are you waiting for.

      2014-09-06 11:00:12 farmer12

is the aviaries park worth getting? it is a left hand side mission.

      2013-09-23 00:14:41 Farmmaiden

Does this hold multiple birds?

      2013-03-30 11:12:29 Angel

it gives you 30 coins every 8 hours:)

      2013-02-25 01:43:46 no info

Is the Aviaries Park just decorative? What does it do?