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    Greece - Flag
   African Tribal Mask Statue
   Afternoon Tea
   Agal Egg
   Airborn Easter Pig
   Algeria Football
   Amazon Green Fence
   American Flag
   American Flag (Big)
   Anchors Away Fence
   Ancient Chinese Egg
   Ancient Greek Vase
   Ancient Jack-O-Tree
   Antique Flower Cart
   Argentina Flag (Big)
   Argentina Football
   Australia Football
   Australia Surfer Egg
   Australian Flag
   Australian Flag (Big)
   Austrian Flag
   Austrian Flag (Big)
   Aviaries Park
   Axe and Block
   Azalea Pink Fence
   Baby Electric Egg
   Baby Hippie Egg
   Baby Hypnotic Egg
   Baby Lucid Egg
   Baby Polar Bear Snow Globe
   Baby Spotnik Egg
   Balloon Door
   Balloon Door
   Balloon Love Archway
   Barfing Pumpkin
   Batty Archway
   Beach Balls
   Beach Camp
   Beach Chair Set
   Beach Sign
   Belgian Flag
   Belgian Flag (Big)
   Belgian Grenadier Egg
   Belgium Football
   Big Vineyard Sign
   Bird Feeder
   Black Tent
   Blue Birthday
   Blue Candle
   Blue Cudgel
   Blue Gnome Darryl
   Blue Goal
   Blue Island Goal
   Blue Lamp
   Blue Lamp
   Blue Market
   Blue New Year Tree
   Blue Puppet
   Bonfire Lantern
   Bonfire Tent
   Born Again Sheep
   Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag (Big)
   Bosnia and Herzegovina Football
   Botanical Arc Hedge(Bottom)
   Botanical Arc Hedge(Side)
   Botanical Arc Hedge(Top)
   Botanical Hedge
   Botanical Monster Face
   Brandenburg Gate
   Brazil Football
   Brazilian Egg
   Brazilian Flag
   Brazilian Flag (Big)
   Brazilian Samba Egg
   Breakfast Nook
   British Flag
   British Flag (Big)
   British Guard Egg
   British Guard Egg
   Bumble Bee Yellow Fence
   Bunny Hop Sign
   Bunny Pumpkin
   Bunny’s Easter Home
   Butterfly Tower
   Cactus Hedge
   Camel Topiary
   Camellia Slide
   Cameroon Flag (Big)
   Cameroon Football
   Canadian Flag
   Canadian Flag (Big)
   Candy Cane Decoration
   Candy Cane Topiary
   Candy Fence
   Candyland candyfloss stand
   Carnival Feather Stand
   Cashmere Goat Topiary
   Catfaced Pumpkin
   Cheese Rack
   Chestnut Roaster
   Chicken Shoes
   Chicken Topiary
   Chile Football
   Chilean Flag (Big)
   Chinese Drum
   Chinese Flag(Big)
   Chinese Latern
   Choco Brown Fence
   Chocolate Donkey
   Chocolate Shack
   Chopping Block
   Christmas Stocking
   Christmas Table
   Christmas Tree
   Christmas Tree
   Christmas Tree
   Christmas Tree 2014
   Christmas Tree Sign
   Christmas Tree Snow Globe
   Chrysanthemum Patch
   Colombia Football
   Colombian Flag (Big)
   Colored Zebra Garden Statue
   Corn Maze
   Costa Rica Flag (Big)
   Costa Rica Football
   Cow Topiary
   Crazy Archway
   Croatia - Flag
   Croatia Football
   Croatian Flag (Big)
   Cupid Fountain
   Cupid Hedge
   Cupid Love Flag
   Cupid Teddy Bear
   Cupid’s Statue
   Czech Republic - Flag
   Daddy Electric Egg
   Daddy Hippie Egg
   Daddy Hypnotic Egg
   Daddy Lucid Egg
   Daddy Spotnik Egg
   Dancing Gingerbread Snow Globe
   Dark Tree House
   Darryl Egg
   Darryl in EID
   Darryl’s Pumpkin
   Decaying Log
   Deer Topiary
   Denmark - Flag
   Denmark Flag (Big)
   Devil Pumpkin
   Devil Statue
   Dining Table
   Dinosaur Statue
   Dog House 1
   Dog House 2
   Dressing Table
   Ducks in Row
   Dutch Egg
   Dutch Flag
   Dutch Flag (Big)
   E Topiary
   Easter Chicklets
   Easter Chocolate Bunny
   Easter Egg Basket
   Easter Egg Tree
   Ecuador Flag (Big)
   Ecuador Football
   Eiffel Tower
   Elephant Fountain
   Elf Gate
   Elf Snow Globe
   England - Flag
   England Flag (Big)
   England Football
   Eternity Bench
   Fairy Garden Moss Terrarium
   Fairy Garden Moss Terrarium
   Fancy Elephant
   Farm Club
   Farm Gate
   Farm House
   Farmer Egg
   Felicia and Knight
   Felicia Egg
   Felicia’s Pumpkin
   Ferris Wheel
   FIAT 500
   Filipino Flag
   Filipino Flag (Big)
   Fire Balloon
   Fire Balloon
   Fire Pit
   Firework Fountain
   Fishing Elf
   Fishing Fence
   Flaming Pumpkin
   Flamingo Bicycle
   Floating Christmas Tree
   Floating Pumpkin Archway
   Floating Wood Cabin
   Floral Doves
   Floral Eiffel Tower
   Floral Fish Fountain
   Floral Owl
   Floral Snail
   Flower Arch
   Flower Basket
   Flower Bridge
   Flower Pyramid
   Flower Shelf
   Flower Stone Gate
   Flower Tower of Pisa
   Flowery Birdbath
   Flowery Rainboots Fence
   Flowery Swing
   Food Festival Sign
   Football Car
   Football Helmet Archway
   Football Paver
   Football Topiary
   Football Tractor
   Footballoon Arch
   France - Flag
   France Football
   Frankenstein Pumpkin
   French Egg
   French Egg
   French Flag
   French Flag (Big)
   Friendship Sign
   Frog Chair
   Fruit Wheel Barrow
   Funny Flower Bug
   Funny Pumpkin
   Fuzzy Egg
   Gangster Pumpkin
   Garden Bridge
   Garden Lantern
   Garden Light
   German Egg
   German Feast
   German flag
   German Flag (Big)
   Germany - Flag
   Germany Egg
   Germany Football
   Ghana Flag (Big)
   Ghana Football
   Ghost Castle
   Ghost Castle 2014
   Ghost Pumpkin
   Ghost Pumpkin Tree
   Gift Box Decoration
   Gift Hill
   Gingerbread Boy
   Gingerbread Girl
   Gingerbread House Globe
   Gingerbread Mama
   Gingerbread Papa
   Gingerbread Shack
   Giraffe Couple Statue
   Glue Cudgel
   Goal Left
   Goal Right
   Goat Topiary
   Golden Beauty Shop
   Golden Egg
   Golden Piggy Bank
   Golf Cart
   Grand Mosque
   Grandma’s Pumpkin
   Gravel Floor
   Greece Football
   Greek Egg
   Greek Egg
   Greek Statue
   Green Birthday
   Green Candle
   Green Candle
   Green Cudgel
   Green Cudgel
   Green Lamp
   Green Lamp
   Green Market
   Green Puppet
   Green Puppet
   Green Toadstool House
   Gutted Pumpkin
   Halloween Bubbling Cauldron
   Halloween Candle
   Halloween Face Pumpkin
   Halloween Fire Balloon
   Halloween Garden Gnome
   Halloween Ghost Flag
   Halloween Ghosts
   Halloween House
   Halloween Hut
   Halloween Pot
   Halloween Pumpkin Field
   Halloween Scarecrow
   Halloween Skull Balloon
   Halloween Spider Web
   Halloween Tree
   Hanging Pot
   Happy Easter Tree
   Happy Halloween Flag
   Happy Picnic
   Happy Pumpkin
   Happy Snowman Tower
   Harvest Guitar
   Hawaiian Lantern
   Hawaiian Log Cabin
   Hay Bale
   Hay Cart
   Headless Horseman
   Headless Knight Ghost
   Heart Balloon Bouquet
   Heart Fountain
   Heart Fountain
   Heart Shaped Balloon
   Heart Shaped Balloon
   Heart Shaped Fence
   Heart Shaped Fence
   Heart Shaped Flower
   Heart Shaped Flower
   Heart-shaped Floral Arch
   Heavenly coconut shy
   Hedgehog With an Apple
   Holy Sheep Decoration
   Honduras Flag (Big)
   Honduras Football
   Hug Me Marble Fountain
   Hugging Panda Stuffies
   Hula Hula Egg
   I Love You Balloon Bouquet
   Ice Tree
   Ice Tree
   Icy Lighthouse Snow Globe
   Indian Corn Fence
   Indian Egg
   Indian Flag
   Indian Flag (Big)
   Indiana Egg
   Iran Football
   Iranian Flag (Big)
   Italian Chef Egg
   Italian Chef Egg
   Italian Flag
   Italian Flag (Big)
   Italy - Flag
   Italy Football
   Ivory Coast Flag (Big)
   Ivory Coast Football
   Japan Football
   Japanese Flag
   Japanese Flag (Big)
   Japenese Sumo Egg
   Jolly Snowman Snow Globe
   Jungle Drop
   Kissing Gnomes
   Koninginnedag Flag
   L Topiary
   Lamp Post
   Lamp posts
   Lantern Float
   Large Basket
   Large Teddy Bear
   Lavender Cottage
   Leafy Archway
   Leafy Cow
   Leprechaun Tower
   Lily Patch
   Limited Edition Football
   Lotus Flower Lantern
   Louvre’s pyramid
   Love 1
   Love 1
   Love 2
   Love 3
   Love Arch
   Love Arch
   Love Bird Balloon Bouquet
   Love Birds Statue
   Love Bug Flag
   Love Fence
   Love Fountain
   Love Pool
   Love Sign
   Love Struck Sign
   Love Table
   Love Tower
   Lucky Cat
   Lucky Clover Fence
   Lumber Cart
   Lunar New Year Dinner Table
   Lunar New Year Fence
   Lunar New Year House
   Mafia Pumpkin
   Magic Chicken Statue
   Magic Dinosaur Statue
   Magic Kangaroo Statue
   Magic Penguin Statue
   Magic Purple Bird Statue
   Magic Red Chicken Statue
   Magic Stork Statue
   Magic Weaver Bird Statue
   Mayflower Ship
   Mcdonald’s Pumpkin
   Medium Teddy Bear
   Mexican Flag (Big)
   Mexico Egg
   Mexico Football
   Michelangelo’s David
   Milky White Fence
   Mini Beach
   Miniature Louvre
   Monkey Love Bouquet
   Monkfish Pumpkin
   Morocco Flag (Big)
   Mother’s Day Balloon
   Mother’s day Jasmine
   Mother’s Day Vase
   Mountie Egg
   Mr. Funny Garlic
   Mummified Pumpkin
   Napoleon Statue
   Netherlands - Flag
   Netherlands Egg
   Netherlands Football
   New Year Tree
   New Year’s Archway with Chandelier
   New Year’s Champagne Fountain Topiary
   Nigeria Flag (Big)
   Nigeria Football
   North Pole Sign
   Norwegian Flag
   Norwegian Flag (Big)
   Nutcracker Snow Globe
   O Topiary
   Old Macdonald on Hammock
   On Holiday Sign
   One Eyed Pumpkin
   One-toothed Pumpkin
   Open-air swimming pool
   Orchard Hay Bale
   Owl Chair
   Owl Pumpkin
   Pakistan Flag (Big)
   Palm Leaf Beach Umbrealla
   Party Popper
   Pastel flower steam train
   Peace on Earth Gnome
   Pebble Floor
   Pebble Floor
   Pharaoh Egg
   Pharaonic Egg
   Picket Flower Arch
   Picnic Basket
   Picnic Mats
   Picnic Set
   Picnic Table
   Picnic Tent
   Picnic Tree
   Pig Angel
   Pig Angel
   Pig Topiary
   Pilgrim Flower Sculpture
   Pinata Horse
   Pine Tree
   Pink Birthday
   Pink Fur Couch
   Pink Market
   Pirate Pumpkin
   Pirate Ship
   Poland - Flag
   Polar Bear
   Polish Egg
   Polish Flag (Big)
   Portugal - Flag
   Portugal Football
   Portuguese Flag
   Portuguese Flag (Big)
   Portuguese Flag (Big)
   Pull Cart
   Pumpkin Bandit
   Pumpkin Bars
   Pumpkin Bear
   Pumpkin Cart
   Pumpkin Door
   Pumpkin Eater
   Pumpkin Fountain
   Pumpkin House
   Pumpkin Scarecrow
   Pumpkin Spider
   Puppy Love Stuffy
   Purple daisy merry-go-round
   Purple New Year Tree
   Rabbit Topiary
   Racoon With Kite
   Rainbow Archway
   Ranch Bell
   Ranch Entrance
   Red Candle
   Red Cudgel
   Red Goal
   Red Island Goal
   Red Lamp
   Red Maple
   Red New Year Tree
   Red Puppet
   Red Rose Basket
   Red Rose Bed
   Red Toadstool House
   Reindeer Decoration
   Reindeer Sign
   Reindeer Topiary
   Republic of Ireland - Flag
   Rocking Bumble Bee
   Rocking Cow
   Rocking Giraffe
   Rocking Horse
   Romanian Egg
   Romantic Piggy Stuffies
   Romantic Rose Fountain
   Rooster Egg
   Rose Patch
   Rose Pull Cart
   Ruby Red Fence
   Russia - Flag
   Russia Football
   Russian Flag (Big)
   Samoyed Puppy
   Santa Claus
   Santa Deer
   Santa Got Stuck
   Santa Sign
   Santa Toy Bag
   Sapphire Soccer Ball
   Saudi Arabia Flag (Big)
   Seahorse Water Fountain
   Seashell Archway
   Seashell Fence
   Sheep Topiary
   Shelducks in Row
   Shining Star
   Sick Pumpkin
   Sinterklaas Countdown
   Skeleton Pumpkin
   Skiing Gnome
   Sledding Hill
   Sledding Snowman
   Sleeping Cupid Stone
   Slide and Pool
   Small Basket
   Small Mosque
   Small Mosque
   Small Teddy Bear
   Snow Family
   Snow Globe
   Snowman Scarecrow
   Snowy Arch
   Soccer Darryl
   Soccer Fence
   Soccer Flag
   Soccer Game Table
   Soccer Mail Box
   Soccer Pumpkin
   Soccer Tree
   South Korea Football
   South Korean Flag (Big)
   Souvenir of Lyon
   Souvenir of Strasbourg
   Space Black Fence
   Spain - Flag
   Spain Football
   Special Delivery
   Special New Year’s Horse
   Spices Room
   Spider Web Pumpkin
   Spooky Castle
   Spooky Castle
   Spooky Owl Balloon
   Star Ferris Wheel
   Statue of Liberty
   Stone Flower Pot
   Stone Mailbox
   Street performer
   Summer Fence
   Summer Snowman
   Surfing Darryl
   Sweden - Flag
   Sweden Flag (Big)
   Sweet Pea Bed
   Swimming Pool
   Swimsuit Gnome
   Swing Chair
   Swing Tree
   Swiss Flag
   Swiss Flag (Big)
   Switzerland Football
   Syria Flag (Big)
   Table of Romance
   Team Flag Algeria
   Team Flag Argentina
   Team Flag Australia
   Team Flag Belgium
   Team Flag Bosnia
   Team Flag Brazil
   Team Flag Cameroon
   Team Flag Chile
   Team Flag Colombia
   Team Flag Costa Rica
   Team Flag Croatia
   Team Flag Ecuador
   Team Flag England
   Team Flag France
   Team Flag Germany
   Team Flag Ghana
   Team Flag Greece
   Team Flag Honduras
   Team Flag Iran
   Team Flag Italy
   Team Flag Ivory Coast
   Team Flag Japan
   Team Flag Korea
   Team Flag Mexico
   Team Flag Netherlands
   Team Flag Nigeria
   Team Flag Portugal
   Team Flag Russia
   Team Flag Spain
   Team Flag Switzerland
   Team Flag Uruguay
   Team Flag USA
   Teddy Egg
   Thai Egg
   Thai Egg
   Thai Flag
   Thai Flag (Big)
   Thankful House
   Thankful Topiary
   Thanks Giving Table
   Three Eyed Monster Pumpkin
   Time Flies New Year’s Pig Topiary
   Together Forever Sign
   Tractor 1
   Tractor 2
   Tractor 3
   Tractor 4
   Train Snow Globe
   Tulip Patch
   Tunisia Flag (Big)
   Turkey Basket
   Turkey Flag (Big)
   Turkey Topiary
   Two-faced Pumpkin
   Ukraine - Flag
   Uncle Sam Egg
   Uncle Sam Egg
   Upside Down Snowman
   Uruguay Flag (Big)
   Uruguay Football
   USA Football
   V Topiary
   Valentine Letter Box
   Valentine Treehouse
   Valentine’s Lamp Post
   Vase of Roses
   Vending Raccoon
   Venetian Gondola
   Viking cow swinging ship
   Vine-Wrapped Tower
   Vineyard Garden
   Vineyard Picnic
   Vineyard Restaurant
   Vineyard Sign
   Wagon Wheel
   Wagon Wheel
   Watering Can
   Wedding Carpet Down
   Wedding Carpet Medium
   Wedding Carpet Up
   Wedding Chair
   Welcome Harvest Scarecrow
   Welcome Sign
   Whimsical Candy Cane Tree
   White Bear
   White Birch Tree
   White Tent
   Willow Fence
   Wind Chimes
   Wind Turbine
   Wishing Well
   Wisteria Trellis
   Witch Cart
   Witch Pumpkin
   Witch’s Cauldron
   Wooden Barrel
   World Cup Flag
   World Cup Flag Tree
   Xmas Sign
   Xmas Snowman
   Yellow Maple
   Yellow Toadstool House
   Yosemite Blue Fence
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Aviaries Park

Level 20      2000      28800



Level 1 8

Size: 3 x 3

Bonus EXP: 7

Sell Price: 20

20 coins


7 XP


9 units²



 Your name (nick)
4 + 9 x 0 =   ?

      2014-09-07 19:43:02 mic

You cant advance the tasks unless you build it, so its not really a choice. But I wouldnt keep it afterwards, its a waste of space, you can make more money if you plant things there instead of that huge thing producing its pityful reward. Unless you like the look ofc. And its free to build, what are you waiting for.

      2014-09-06 11:00:12 farmer12

is the aviaries park worth getting? it is a left hand side mission.

      2013-09-23 00:14:41 Farmmaiden

Does this hold multiple birds?

      2013-03-30 11:12:29 Angel

it gives you 30 coins every 8 hours:)

      2013-02-25 01:43:46 no info

Is the Aviaries Park just decorative? What does it do?